Glenmoor Country Club Dress Code

This dress code applies to all Members, Members’ families, guests, event attendees, and hotel guests.
Smoking of any kind, including vaping or e-cigarettes, is not permitted in any area inside the clubhouse, on the patio, at the pool, at the tennis courts or inside the hotel.
No one shall wear a hat or visor (with the exception that women may wear fashion coordinated hats) in the Chapel or in any dining area inside the clubhouse including the dining area in the men’s grille room.  Baseball style hats or other kinds of head coverings may be worn on the patio, pool or tennis courts.  Hats may not be worn backwards at any time in any area of the club including the golf course.
Cell phones on vibrate/silent mode are permitted throughout the club, on the patio, and on the golf course.  People needing to take or make a call are requested to move a sufficient distance away so as not to disturb others.

Club Dining Rooms

Black Heath:
Club Casual on Thursdays & Fridays
Business Casual on Saturdays - No Jeans are Permitted

Loch Bar - Club Casual

Jeans are permitted

Scot's Grille - Club Casual

Jeans are permitted

Member Holiday Events

(Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Member Holiday Gathering, Member Holiday Events)

Jeans are not permitted. Dress slacks and collared shirt for Gentlemen, dress slacks or a skirt for Ladies.

*Member Holiday Party is Semi-Formal Attire. A Jacket is required.