Rules & Regulations

General Guidelines
All scores must be posted using the GHIN handicapping system, per USGA guidelines.
USGA rules will govern all play at Glenmoor unless notified by an event rules sheet.
Members are fully responsible to inform their guests of all rules and regulations.
Pace of play is set by the committee and is not more than 4 1/2 hours for 18 holes.

Tee Time Procedure
All players must check in with the Golf Shop before tee time.

All Members can make tee times with the Golf Shop or on line using the approved software. Same day tee times must be made through the Pro Shop.

Tee times are required between April 15th and October 1st for proper service standards.
Private Property (course and homeowner) Guidelines
  • All players must respect private homeowner lots as they are private property and not part of the course.
  • Players must never drive a cart on any homeowner's lot.
  • Just as the homeowner's lots are private property, the golf course is private property as well.  That means that no person shall be permitted on the course or cart paths unless they are playing a round of golf or are a caddie for a player.
  • The only time that a Member of Glenmoor may walk the cart paths is prior to the first tee time of the day and they must not be seen by any players that day. 

Guest Policy
The use of the golf facilities by in-town guests shall be limited to six times a year.  These limits are in addition to the member guest events and holiday events. 

Social Member
Social Members of the club will be limited to six visits per year and may bring guests on each of those visits. Social Members are not permitted to use the practice facility unless they are playing on one of their six visits as they do not have open access to the practice facility. 

Junior Members
  • Junior Members will be permitted access to the golf course if approved by the Golf Shop.
  • All Junior Members must walk and carry their golf bag unless they are 16 years of age with a valid driver's license. Junior Members under the age of 16 may ride in a cart only when with an adult Member of the club.
Walking Guidelines
Members may walk with a caddie at any time of the day when caddie is available.  All caddies used must be from the approved list of caddies from the scholarship program with only one exception. Members may bring their own caddie if they are a dependent child or grandchild of the Member.  

* Member Guest Caddies may be approved by the Golf Shop.

Full Golf Members may walk and carry their own clubs only after 3pm, 7 days of the week. Social Members, Guests, Hotel Guests, Outing players are not permitted to walk at any time of the day.

Forecaddie Guidelines
Same usage guidelines used for walking caddies. Caddies are not permitted to drive the carts for Members.

Pull Cart Policy
Pull carts are not approved for use at Glenmoor with the only exception of permitted use by Collegiate NCAA players during an approved NCAA Tournament held at Glenmoor Country Club.

Global Procedure for all Violations
A.  All incidents and violations will be directed to the golf committee for review and delivery of proper warnings and sanctions.  

B.  All appeals of warnings and sanctions must be delivered to the golf committee in person during one of the monthly committee meetings.

C.  The country club will uphold all sanctions placed upon its Members by the golf committee through this process.
Your handicap will change daily after a posting. Your new Handicap Index will be more responsive to good scores by averaging your eight best scores out of your most recent 20. In short, your handicap index will be determined by your demonstrated ability and consistency of scores.  In most cases for golfers in the US, it will change less than one stroke.  

In the new system, your course handicap will be the number of strokes needed to play to par. This will result in greater variance in the number and presents a change, as historically it has represented the number of stokes needed to play to the course rating. This is a good thing, as par is an easy number to remember. The course rating will now be inherent within the calculation to be more intuitive and account for competing from different tees.

The maximum hole score for each player will be limited to a net double bogey. This adjustment is more consistent from hole to hole than the Equitable Stroke Control procedure. Net double bogey is already used in many other parts of the world and the calculation is simple : Par + 2 any handicap strokes you receive.  

The new system will limit extreme upward movement of a handicap index, automatically and immediately reduce a handicap index when exceptional score of at least 7 strokes better is posted, and account for abnormal course or weather conditions to ensure the scores reflect when a course plays significantly different than its established course rating and slope.
  1. Golf rangers may be on duty to help regulate play and enforce golf car policy.  The golf rangers have full authority on the golf course to enforce all rules and speed of play.
  2. If a group of players fail to keep their place on the course and lose more than one clear hole on the players ahead it will result in a verbal warning to catch up to the group.  The second offense will result in skipping hole(s) to resume proper position.  The final offense will result in termination of the round with no refund.
  1. The practice range and practice putting green are open 45 minutes before the first tee time.  The practice range closes 1 1/2 hours before dark and the putting green at dusk.
  2.  At times to be posted in the Golf Shop, the driving range will be closed for the general maintenance.
  3.  Range balls are for use on the range only. Range balls are not permitted to be used on the golf course.
  4.  Golf carts are not permitted on any tee area. Parking of golf carts is allowed in designated area only.
  5. Balls must be hit from the designated areas only. No hitting is permitted from the rough or sides of the driving range.
  6. Proper golf attire is required at all times on the driving range and putting green.
The hours of play and Golf Shop hours will be posted.  The Golf Course Superintendent is authorized to determine when the Golf Course is fit for play.  This decision shall be final.  In the absence of the Course Superintendent, the Golf Professional on duty shall make this decision. 
Golf Course and Practice Facility
Footwear - Proper golf shoes or tennis shoes are approved (soft spike or spikeless shoes only)

Headwear - All golf and athletic sport hats are approved as long as they are forward placed.  Hats cannot be worn backwards at any time.

Tops & Bottoms - Collared shirts are approved for play and that includes the athletic mock neck shirts as well.  Tee shirts and tank tops are not approved.  Running and workout clothing to include basketball shorts and jersey tops are not approved.  Shirts of all kinds are to be tucked in at all times.  Slacks or hemmed shorts and skirts are approved for play.  Denim, cargo shorts and cutoffs are not approved attire. 

NO HATS of any type are to be worn while in the Grille or Locker Room areas

The Golf Shop is empowered to make decisions on proper attire on a daily basis and may request a change of non-confirming attire.  

All Members of Glenmoor are responsible for the attire of their guests as well.

  • Always check-in at the Golf Shop before beginning to play and report guests.
  • Only one driver, one rider and 2 bags per cart.
  • Minimum age for driver is 16 and they must have a valid Driver's License. This is Ohio State Law.
  • Pets may not accompany member/owner on privately owned golf carts on the course at any time.
  • Keep carts on paved paths and golf course property. Stay off homeowners' lots.
  • Must obtain daily cart rules from the Golf Shop and follow cart rules at all times.
  • Observe golf etiquette and golf course signage at all times.
  • No non-golfing carts traversing the golf course or cart paths merely to go from house to house, or as a short cut to the swimming pool, tennis courts, Spa or Clubhouse.  When not playing golf, carts are not to be on the golf course or cart trails.
  • Carts must be registered with the Golf Shop annually and clearly display the registration decal at all times on the rear, right side of the cart roof.
  • There will be an annual cart trail fee, which will be billed to your account.
  • Carts must be identical in make, model and color to the current or immediate previous fleet owned or leased by the Club.  Minor modifications must be approved by the Director of Golf on a case by case basis.

**All incidents or rules violations will be reported to the Director of Security and the Golf Committee. Each entity will handle disciplinary actions per incident.

Rules for those Golfing Members who require special considerations during a round of golf at Glenmoor CC, due to physical impairment or limitations. 

  • Request for permanent disabled status (blue flag), must be submitted to the Golf Committee by the beginning of the golf season (April 30th), with a physician's request.
  • Request for temporary disabled status (red flag), must be submitted to the Golf Professional approval. ‚Äč
  • The Member must sign the rules sheet and approval form.
  • All requests will be immediately reviewed by Golf Staff and invoked without delay.
  • Must abide by cart path only rule on holes #7, #8 and #14
  • Carts must abide by the 90 degree rule
  • Directional signs in front of each green point only in one direction, you must go that direction
  • Carts with red/blue flags will be allowed to stay in fairway and go to 5 yards from the green in fairway.  After holing out, you must go back in the fairway to the cart exit sign and exit where everyone else exits the fairway.  You cannot go in the rough around the greens or tees at any time.  

  • Any other added allowance for blue flags will be awarded by the Golf Committee only.

Enforcement of these rules will be strict
1st breach of rules will receive a warning
2nd breach of rules requires loss of flag privileges